“meet The Press” To Host Climate Change “debate” Between Gop’s Marsha Blackburn And Bill Nye “the Science Guy”

I intend no disrespect to Mr. Nye, who is a smart and dedicated evangelist for science and advocate for action to address carbon emissions. But Bill Nye is not actually a climate scientist. He is a former mechanical engineer turned television entertainer, and now professional edu-tainer. Hes clearly well-informed on the subject of climate science, and he has done quite a lot to popularize and explain the research. Against very well-funded opponents, he has long been a prominent voice for scientific literacy. I have no doubt that Bill Nye could out-debate Marsha Blackburn or indeed pretty much any Republican elected official on the subject of humanitys responsibility for climate change and its probably catastrophic effects. Whats insulting (and insane) is that there is to be a debate at all, on one of Americas supposed premier news talk shows.
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