We Take A Look At The G-star Raw Brand

Since 1989 a single thing has actually been at the core of the G-Star brand -'Just the Product'. This single-minded technique has forged them as a market leading jeans brand and allowed them to lead the market; fusing high-level workmanship with a street wear edge to change without treatment denim into a desirable and wearable product. Because beginning in the Netherlands, they have developed an international grip with flagship shops located in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Edinburgh, Australia and the most extravagant shopping road of Amsterdam, the P.C. Hooftstraat. In total, G-Star has more than 6000 selling points worldwide. The premiere of its RAW denim line in 1996 has associated to much of the brand name's success and has actually brought about the number "96" being sewn into various G-Star items as a mark of respect for the year that this signature line was presented. You can read more about G-Star Raw designer clothing for women at The High Fashion website

While always staying a denim orientated company they have ended up lines such as the Correct Line collection which discovers the balance in between raw edginess and street wear affects of the core jeans array with sophisticated tailoring that always displays proportion and workmanship.

What sets them apart from their competitors such as Salsa, Vila, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi's or Firetrap is their commitment to supporting areas in the nations that are responsible for the manufacture of their products. The RAW Sustainable program usings natural cotton - with decreased levels of fertilisers and pesticides -as a base for a variety of new products, creating a sustainable, accountable future without compromising on comfort, design and quality. So now you can not only have the appearance you're after but also feel excellent about your acquisition too.

G-Star has also positioned it as a sought after star endorsed brand name, gluing this by having a star be the face of G-Star for each year or new collection. In previous years they have famously had Liv Tyler, Josh Belmonte and most recently Gemma Arterton front their marketing campaign and support the image of the brand. They have also coordinated with niche style brand name Vice Style in the last few years to produce videos to advertise brand-new lines and in doing this using a prefabricated audience of tastemakers. It is this two-pronged cutting-edge approach to collaboration and product manufacture that has actually kept them at the center of the game.

After more than twenty years of constant innovation, G-Star remains to push the boundaries - challenging their designers to explore new approaches, brand-new products, cuts and styles but always staying concentrated on the item.

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